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Be very, veeeeeeery quiet. I’m whispering because I don’t want any-one, or -thing to hear me.

Last night I went through the Slave Pens that’s part of Coilfang Resovior, and I found the last missing members or a team that I was looking for. I had thought that if I found those guys that the members of the Cenarion Expedition would then let me turn in these Coilfang Armaments that I have, but I was wrong. When I flew over there to talk to them, they –


OMG what was that? I think one of them is coming this wa-

<sounds of struggle, rending of flesh, cries for mercy>

*pant* *pant* *pant* Sorry about that, one of them stumbled onto my hiding place. I will have to be quick.

So yeah, the guys at the Expedition said they don’t know anything about the Armaments, which is total bullsh- uh, BOLLOCKS (sorry Mum), because I’ve seen them taking them from other people. I asked around, and apparently I need to find some Orders from this fish-lady called Vashj before they will admit to me anything about these Armaments.

So Im here now in the Steamvaults, hiding behind some crates, trying to see if I can spot anything that looks like orders. I’m here by myself, because my friends are all asleep. Otherwise, if they were with me, we’d blast through this place in no time.

No luck just yet, I’ll report back when I manage to find them. This is your Friendly Feral Druid signing off from the Steamvau-




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