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Well, Mr BigBearButt has challenged his readers to come up with as good of a true story about silly people/moments in Wrath. His story made me laugh, I woke everyone in the Inn up!

My story takes place in a mine not too far from the starting area in Borean Tundra. There was alot of AoE-ing going on, mostly Mages, Paladins and Hunters. I came down the tunnels to what appeared to be the end of the line: about eight people standing around, doing whatever AoE they could. Mobs would spawn occasionally, and the frenzy that ensued was like that of falling into the water in the Steamvaults.

I stood back and watched the madness, getting pushed aside occasionally by new people who were racing in to try and tag the quest mob (I think he was a foreman or something). I decided to go grind and come back later, so I shifted into Cat form and saw on my minimap more mobs, to my right. I went forward and to my right and the cave sort of twists … around. From where these people were AoE-ing they couldn’t quite see it, but there were more mobs down there and … the quest mob. I took him down, as well as the other mobs that were trying to help him, and ran back out. I don’t know how long they stood there waiting for him to spawn in entirely the wrong spot!

The worst part of the story is that no-one in my Guild was on at the time, so I couldn’t have a laugh with them about it!


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