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I asked my RL Avatar who originally said that, and he says that it was the Chinese, some guy call Sun Tzu wrote a book called “The Art of War“, where he had that line in there.

It’s totally true though. Here’s what happened:

I got my Inscription skill up to 295, and I noticed that the skill to learn the next type of ink (Shimmering) was Orange, and that I need Outlands Herbs to make it. My skill for picking flowers has been +300 for awhile now, I got it to about 327 in WPL alone the other day from Plaguebloom.

So I ported to the ghost town that is Shattrah City and flew to Hellfire Peninsula, and raced around the place, gathering Felweed and Dreaming Glory and marking up the rest of the nodes for Trixiana when she comes back. I have a few fond memories of this place, and I have to admit, it seems alot smaller when you can fly over everything, as opposed to riding ze tiger around. I happened across an old friend aquaintance with whom I have abit of history with …

Fade out to levels 59 – 62 … Shasmo is riding around Hellfire Peninsula, questing, when she feels the ground trembling with such force that she gets knocked from her mount. Turning around, she manages to catch a glimpse of a gigantic set of steel legs not 5 feet behind her before she is killed mercilessly. Upon rezzing, she runs a short distance to safety to heal up, all the time pondering what the hell that was. The ground begins to tremble again, and she mounts up quickly, racing away from the Monster. Alas, she is too slow.

The above story gets repeated about 5 – 6 times throughout Shasmo’s time in Hellfire.

Cut back to now, when I catch sight of Fel Reaver. He still looks bigger than ever, but he’s still just a lowly 70 elite, whilst I am a 78 Furlol druid! I shout my battle cry (“YEARGH!”) and race in.

The fight is no contest.

Shasmo: 1   Dead Fel Reaver: 0

I finished with approximately 50% of my health left, without having to use a pot. Some nearby Death Knights cheered me as I healed up, and I waved on my way to stalk the Reaver when he respawned. I felt alot like River Tam, killing the Reaver like this 😛

Shasmo: 11 Dead Fel Reaver: 0

Inscription: 300/375, Herbalism: 375/450


    • Eglador
    • Posted 9 December, 2008 at 10:04 am
    • Permalink

    Yeah… The Fel Reaver…
    My first time killing him was for that Shattered Halls key, and after that I avoided him… until… one day, while I was doing the fishing daily, he suddenly was there and was trying to smack me.
    About 3 minutes later, a huge bunch of mechanical waste littered Hellfire Peninsula, because he chose the wrong feral druid to punch. 🙂

    • pugnaciouspriest
    • Posted 10 December, 2008 at 1:36 pm
    • Permalink

    Nice! – I had a go at Durn the other day in Nagrand – Didn’t have any pots though, got him down to 23kish – but I was close enough to want to try again.

  1. I still haven’t gotten the quest for the Shattered Halls key. Maybe when I’m 80 and want to complete all the old achievements I’ll do it. Doesn’t make it any less fun to kill him, though!

    Whoa, I never even thought of Durn! I might have to take a side trip back to him to say hello … thanks for the idea, Zah!

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