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  • Ran Heroic Nexus last night as DPS, giving another new-80 Healer (pally) a go at healing. He did pretty good, I only ended up chucking out Wild Growths at the Grand Mage lady and going Tree and Regrowth spamming just before the end-dragon’s enrage. Did, on average, 480dps *shame*
  • No healing gear dropped from Heroic Nexus. Not even plate. Phaelia!! Are you suuuuuure that helm drops from here?
  • I did get the achievement Intense Cold, which was pretty funny.
  • I did some quests in Icecrown and got Futuresight Rune, which means I can get rid of my old DPS +crit trinket. My crit chance has now gone down to 9.01% or thereabouts 😛
  • I’m slowly collecting Beasts cards (when I can make them, or swap other cards for Beasts) so I can wear Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon. Comments on wowhead say that it still works at 80, and this is like a mini-innervate with a 2% proc. Would be totally unreal if this proc’d during Innervate!
  • I’m still selling Nobles cards to make money. Soon there will come a time when I start making them for myself.
  • I can solo single mobs OK. More than one (like when I try and get the herbs in Icecrown in the middle of the Undead guys) and I tend to lifebloom -> barkskin -> hurricane -> lifebloom -> hurricane, etc. Only lifeblooming for the bloom effect, and maybe a Rejuve in there, since I have taken Replenishment.
  • Replenishment doesn’t proc often, but when it does, it’s nice. I’m glad I’ve taken it.
  • /me wants to RolePlay, but it seems that most of the peeps on Saurfang don’t feel the same way. WAAAAAAAAAH!
  • I can’t wait for the next patch, where I can sell the Inks that are filling up my bank bags for the Snowfall Inks that I lust after. I reckon I could pop out about 40 Greater Darkmoon Cards in front of the vendor when the patch hits.
  • Oooh, yes!! From the (latest) patch notes:
    Reputation rewarded for killing mobs will no longer automatically deprecate. This means trivial mobs will continue to give out their full amounts of reputation on kill for the majority of cases in the game (level 70 creatures in Stratholme, for example, will continue to award the full amount of rep to level 80 players seeking to boost their Argent Dawn faction).
    Finally I can get my Gadgetzan rep back up by killing pirates in Tanaris! Yay!
  • I need to, when the bozos(-5 reputation) at Gadgetzan will talk to me, learn cooking. Fishing as well, but cooking mainly.

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