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Hi everybody! I’m Shasmo, the friendliest Druid in the whooooole world! heehee

Ooooh, where to begin? Here, have a seat and some Thistle Tea while I tell you my story. No no, sit here, this chair is MUCH more comfortable. *giggle*

Well, I’ve grown up with my parents and little brother in Darnassus. My Mum and Dad are gardeners, and used to take us for walks allllllllll through Teldrassil, showing Hynox (my brother) and me the different types of flowers and plants. I paid more attention to the animals, though. Those big cuddly bears and kitty-cats are just too cute for words! Some of them aren’t as happy as I am to get hugs, so I’ve some scars where they got a little too scared when I hugged them. Imagine that, being scared of little ol’ me!

When I left school, and I had to choose my Pathway, I knew that I wanted to be a Druid. Being able to turn into a cuddly animal whenever I want still makes me giggle and get all excited. It doesn’t matter where I am, I’ll turn into a bear or a kitty-cat and run around, making new friends and having fun. Why, I met my best-est friend in the whole wide world when I was a bear! I had taken the boat to this island, Azermyst Isle, (with my eyes closed very tightly, I …, I don’t like open water at all …) and I was running around as a bear, scaring the cats and talbuks who live there. One of the people who live there saw me, and she climbed up a tree to get away! She was so scared! I was so sorry I had scared her; her tail was shaking and quivering like a little lamb. I nearly cried. I changed back into my normal form and said sorry. Her name is Trixiana, and she is a magical mage Draenai. She had been helping her friends and family with the big crash that happened (apparently their spaceship (!) crashed into Azermist Isle and hurt alot of people), so I helped her help them for awhile, then she said she wanted to go exploring “zis new planet”, so off we went! Yes, they do talk funny like that, but she’s not that hard to understand.

It’s been so fun, running around and finding new places. I am having the time of my life! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to write home like I told Mum I would; she is going to be so mad at me! heehee. Trix is a gardener like my parents, so they will have alot to talk about when we go home and I introduce her to them. I didn’t want to be a gardener, what with me being so clumsy and all (everytime I try to pick a pretty flower, I end up ripping it up or killing it). I figured that I can’t hurt a big, strong rock, so I chose to become a miner. I also picked skinning, because I love animals, and the ones that I have to put down I skin so that I can wear my friends around with me. I told Trix that I wouldn’t try and wear her, though, so she is safe! lol!

The only thing that I don’t like about my world is the oceans and seas. The very first time my family went to Darkshore, I screamed and screamed on the boat ride across, it was so scary! Dad ended up having to pay for a Gryphon ride back to Darnassus for me while Mum and Hynox took the boat. The Gryphon ride was extremely fun, and I have heard that, if I get experienced enough, I can learn to fly as well. I can’t wait! But yeah, I don’t like deep water. Creeks and rivers I am OK in, I guess, but I don’t like deep water. Thank Elune that I can turn into a slipperly little sea lion so that Trix and anyone else can’t see me get all scared when I’m in the water. When I’m a sea lion I can swim faster, so I can get out of the water faster. It’s still scary, though …

I’ve seen the Exodar, Trix’s people’s city, and the mighty Stormwind and Ironforge, but I reckon that Darnassus is the prettiest city ever! The Park district in Stormwind is quite nice, but doesn’t even have any traditional Night Elf buildings, or art. I like to lounge there, though, and roll in the grass. Trix has learned to travel straight to Stormwind from wherever she is in the world, so she likes to portal there and laugh at me having to catch a flight there. One of these days, though, I’ll be able to fly myself, then I’ll be laughing at her! haha!

Trix doesn’t really like fighting, either. She says that she can’t be a proper magical mage if she only has one arm, or half an eye, so she normally stands back and does her magic stuff while I get down and dirty with the baddies. Some of them get real scared when I growl at them as a bear, or prowl up and attack them as a kitty-cat! You should see the look on their faces! I like being able to heal Trixiana, too, if she gets too close and gets hurt, and if she dies at all (cause she can only wear cloth, so she’s pretty fragile) then I joke around with her spirit, saying I won’t ressurect her, but I always do.

I don’t mind fighting, I want to make sure that all the baddies out there doing the bad things they are doing to people stop doing it, and I think that by helping out other people, I can stop them from coming to Darnassus and being baddies there. I’m a Night Elf girl, a “child of the forest”, so I don’t get all squeamish like Trix does when I have to find some bear kidney or bad-guy’s ear, heehee!

There have been a few people try and chat me and Trix up in our adventures, but we just don’t listen to them if they get too forward. I don’t have time for stuff like that! Besides, Mum would kill me if I came home with a little Elf of my own. I just want to enjoy life, and have fun with my friends, exploring the world and meeting new people on my way.

Soon, Trixiana said her friends are going to let her learn how to ride an Elekk. I said “they are much too big to ride, my tiger will go faster than your elekk” so we are going to have a race on our mounts when we get them! I am faster than Trix is now; I can turn into two types of cats and run ahead, but Trix can “blink” forwards in front of me, which makes it fun when we try and get somewhere before the other.

We haven’t met many people of the Horde yet, but I want to see them. I have heard that they have green skin and tusks, and some are even dead, but still walking around! I think that is probably a made-up something, but wouldn’t it be cool to meet a walking-around dead person?

Anyway, Trix wants to get going, so I’ll see you round! Catch ya later! /wave

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