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Clackety-clackety-clackety-clackety …

“I hate that sound” Shasmo fumed. “When this is all over, I’m going to bust this cart into a thousand pieces.”

“Oh, Shas, I have to stop.” Trixiana panted. “Lets take a break”. She let go of her side of the cart handle and sat down heavily on the path, breathing heavily. Shasmo joined her, getting some tea out from her bags and sharing them with her friend.

“BAAAAAA! BAAAAAAAAAA!” They looked over their shoulders at the cat carrier that held a tiny sheep: their friend, Shastarian, who Trixiana had polymorphed to prevent her curse from taking control again.

“Do you really think she’s possessed, Shas?” Trixiana asked softly. “I hope that it’s easy to get out of her. I want my friend back”. She began to cry softly, burying her face in Shasmo’s shoulder.

Shasmo patted her soothingly. “The Bishop will know what to do, Trix. He’ll make Shas all better and then we can find out who did this to he-” She stopped suddenly.

All of a sudden, things had gone extremely quiet. The birds weren’t chirping anymore. The wolves had stopped howling in the distance. And Shastarian was no longer baa-ing and belating in her cage. Shasmo looked towards her, and saw a reddish gleam in the lamb’s eyes.

Shasmo stood up, pulling Trixiana with her. “Come on,” she said. “We don’t have much time.” They grabbed the handles and started hurrying towards Stormwind.

As they crested the hill, they saw the Gates of Stormwind, complete with the City Guards at their posts. The children were showing off in front of the guards, fighting each other and having fun. The guards looked on bemusedly, but still alert to any dangers that might be lurking.

As the girls came closer, the children and guards turned as one to this odd sight: a night elf and a draenie pulling a horse-less cart, which held a sheep in a cat carrier box. The children pointed, all games forgotten as their eyes grew wider. The guards readied their weapons, eyeing the girls suspiciously.

Shasmo realised that the crowd wasn’t actually looking at them, so she turned to see what was behind, and immediately wished she hadn’t.

The clouds in the sky had turned black as coal, and an eerie mist was creeping out of the forest towards them. The trees seemed to be wilting as the mist crept past, but it was so think that they were soon out of sight.

The guards began to sound the alarm, hustling the children back into the city. Shasmo and Trixiana raced for the gate, but were stopped by a burly corporal who’s name badge read “Withers”.

“Oi! Where do you think you’re going, missy?” he bellowed. “What’s that their mist that you be bringing with yer?”

“I don’t know” Shasmo said, standing to her full height and glaring into Wither’s beady eyes. “But I have to get my friend to the Bishop immediately. he will know what to do, and what that mist is. Let us through!” She attempted to push her way past, but Withers was stronger than he appeared.

“I’d not be letting any TROUBLE like you into mah city!” he yelled, drawing his weapon. “Go back to whur you came from, lassie, or be prepared to give me regards to tha Spirit Healer!”

Trixiana’s eyes widened in fear for her friend, who looked to be getting ready to turn into her bear form and maul this guard to death. Shasmo tensed, ready to say the words when all of a sudden …

… Withers eyes became glazed over, and he began to swoon on the spot. Shasmo looked at him curiosly, and as she did, she noticed a stealthy figure creep away from behind the sapped guard. The figure beckoned her to pass, and to hurry, so Shasmo hoisted up her handle and began to go through the gate, giving her protector a sideways look and a quick nod. They had only just gotten into the Valley of Heroes when the Gates closed behind them with a loud BANG!

As the girls dragged the cart through the main commercial centre of town, the townspeople were gossiping away on what was outside the City, what was happening. The noise was soft at first, and grew as they went further towards the Cathedral.

Shasmo was approached by one of the many beggars who had gravitated to the city in recent months. “Help a fella out, miss? I’ll gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today, ma’am”

Shasmo was exhausted from the events of last night and the morning, but, even pulling a laden cart, she still had enough strength to push the beggar back into his alley. “Get away! Go bug strangers elsewhere, bum!”

Trixiana fell down, weeping with exhaustion. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” she moaned into her arms. “I can’t go any further, I’m so sorry!” Shasmo picked up her friend and put her in the cart. She mustered up the willpower and took both handles of the cart and slowly rounded the corner to the Centre of town: the Cathedral.

There was a gathering on the many steps leading to the holy building. Many, if not all, of the fathers and brothers were there, milling around in an excitable manner. One of them spotted the girls, and as one they streamed towards Shasmo, charms at the ready. As they reached her, they gently pulled her away from the cart, helped Trixiana down, and reverently took the cat carrier containing Shastarian. A consingment of High Priests milled around the carrier, holding Holy relics in both hands, warding away the evil presence that was within.

Shasmo and Trixiana were helped to their feet and led to the foot of the steps, where the Bishop waited. They managed to kneel before him, giving respect to the holiest of men in the Alliance territories. Shasmo started to explain the situation when he interrupted her.

“Shasmo, Trixiana, Friends of Stormwind,” he began. “Time is short, and I know much of your story. We will restore your friend, have no fear. Come, eat and drink. You have performed an Heroic effort, and will not go unrewarded.”

Shasmo looked up in confusion. “How can you know what’s happened, Sir?” she stammered. The Bishop smiled, and gestured to a priest who was standing to his right. “I have heard it from an eye-witness to events.”

“An eye-witness?” Shasmo and Trixiana exclaimed. The priest removed his hood. “Hello Trixiana. Hello Shasmo, my dear. Sorry I left you like that last night, but strange things are afoot.” LeGhost intoned, smiling at their obvious confusion.


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