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Oh yes. It happened. To Me.

A friend of mine has started a warlock in alternate universe where he is a Horde Warlock, a Blood Elf to be exact (yay for choosing an elf!). This universe is one where Horde and Alliance can fight nearly all the time, without having the restrictions that we do in this universe.

I wanted to play with my friend, so I began a Tauren Death Knight over there. Tauren because I totally love them, and a Death Knight because they are cool and I can help protect my friend until he is big enough to take care of himself.

I decided to try and make some money (thanks to the Greedy Goblin!) and so I made a little troll shaman, and ran him over the ‘Hidden path’, through the coastline to Ratchet, where he stood waiting for a boat to Booty Bay. He hopped on and went for a sail.

I have since found out that my troll shaman does not like the open seas, like me. *shudder*

He made it to Booty Bay in one piece, though, and ran to the Auction guy, who stands on some crates near the bank. Amidst the auctioneer’s shouts, he did a scan of the current auctions, and saw that yes, there looks to be not that many prarie dogs for sale to the Alliance. While he was standing there contemplating this, a draenie came up to him, with a red tag over his head. He /point-ed, /laugh-ed then poked my troll shaman in the face with his dagger, which caused my trolls head to blow up. The goblins took offense at this, but the draenie was able to escape their wrath, and he was waiting there when my troll got back inside his body.

Six. Times.

At least I got the scan out of the way 😛

Welcome to PvP!