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Oh yes. It happened. To Me.

A friend of mine has started a warlock in alternate universe where he is a Horde Warlock, a Blood Elf to be exact (yay for choosing an elf!). This universe is one where Horde and Alliance can fight nearly all the time, without having the restrictions that we do in this universe.

I wanted to play with my friend, so I began a Tauren Death Knight over there. Tauren because I totally love them, and a Death Knight because they are cool and I can help protect my friend until he is big enough to take care of himself.

I decided to try and make some money (thanks to the Greedy Goblin!) and so I made a little troll shaman, and ran him over the ‘Hidden path’, through the coastline to Ratchet, where he stood waiting for a boat to Booty Bay. He hopped on and went for a sail.

I have since found out that my troll shaman does not like the open seas, like me. *shudder*

He made it to Booty Bay in one piece, though, and ran to the Auction guy, who stands on some crates near the bank. Amidst the auctioneer’s shouts, he did a scan of the current auctions, and saw that yes, there looks to be not that many prarie dogs for sale to the Alliance. While he was standing there contemplating this, a draenie came up to him, with a red tag over his head. He /point-ed, /laugh-ed then poked my troll shaman in the face with his dagger, which caused my trolls head to blow up. The goblins took offense at this, but the draenie was able to escape their wrath, and he was waiting there when my troll got back inside his body.

Six. Times.

At least I got the scan out of the way 😛

Welcome to PvP!


Ever since BC Raiding, there has been a website that people refer to constantly. Questions like ‘Am I ready for Kara’ or ‘What enchant should I get?’ have been met with the same response (and depending on how many times the person has asked the same question, with the same expletives). That site?

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, somewhere, from someone. This is the site that (when it isn’t banned from the Armory) trawls through your Armory page, casting it’s ever-judgmental eye over your talent spec and gear. This is the site that will display to you exactly what it doesn’t like about your character, although it does give some options on how to get into it’s good graces.

I have never, on any of my characters, been able to satisfy it.

Until now:

A little bit of enchant gloves here, and a little big of Wisdom-to-Cloak-style action there and presto! It likes me!

I feel … justified now. If someone asks me if I can heal something, I can now say ‘of course! wait … where?’ 😛

Of course, I have had no problems healing anything lately (although I always seem to die on the snake boss in Heroic Gundrak), and I have been pretty confident in healing OS with the guild, but now one of the popular stat-sites is there, getting my back.

And I also feel broke, lol. The mats for Wisdom alone took the money I had in my bags, and now I have only the gold on my bank alt to get me by. *sigh* 😛

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Shasmo’s RL Avatar: So I keep promising and promising to provide screenshots, and never do. Here are a few I grabbed before I raced to work this morning (spent alot of time figuring out the new KDE window manager). Hope you enjoy.

We are nearly a forest!

We are nearly a forest!

My first 25-man in Wrath!

My first 25-man in Wrath!

Sarth down, and some Recount e-peeing

Sarth down, and some Recount e-peeing. This is where I got my Figurine, too.

Despite not having downed a boss personally in Naxxramas so far, I can boast a 2-0 with Sartharion in the Obsidion Sanctum. Yay!

I keep getting to the Naxx raids late (this week we had a hospital emergency) and my spot gets filled, which is no matter. I generally hang out in Wintergrasp in case they need me. I got pulled into a 25-man VoA run, but the tanks ragequit after a wipe. Like, ONE WIPE. In a PUG. *sigh*

We went into OS and wiped twice on the first drake. What was happening was:

  • I would stay out of the portal and heal the Main Tank.
  • Other healer would head inside the portal and heal the OT/raid
  • Other other healer would stay out of the portal and try to heal the raid, despite frequent instructions to ‘click on the effin portal!’

We switched to me healing the OT/raid and the Other healer healing the MT and this worked better. We kept this way up for the rest of the raid, and I’m pleased to say that no other deaths were recorded at all during our time in there. Not even to the lava thingy.

I did a /love on the big dragon body when I won the roll on …  Majestic Dragon Figurine which is one of the top three trinkets for raiding Resto Druids, I believe. YAY!

Doing a H VH run on Sunday (after winning Wintergrasp yet again (currently about 23K Honor with only 386 HKS *sigh*)) I didn’t get any loot, but I did get the last Emblem of Honor which meant I was able to go and buy … The Egg of Mortal Essence. This sounds like it came out of Sunken Temple, but it’s pretty cool. 505 haste rating, coupled with my piddly little 43, helps out alot.

Now all I have to do is run Heroic Nexus over and over again for that blasted helm …

Happy (belated) Australia Day from my RL Avatar! (he was a little too inebriated to post yesterday)

I am now, officially, broke again.

The past week or two, I’ve been trying to play the market in Glyphs and Herbs and basic AH bargain hunting. My RL Avatar is no good at it in his Realm, but I haven’t been doing too bad. In the first week I started with 1100G and ended up (just before the patch) with just under 3000G.

Then the patch hit.

Suddenly, my Nobles cards, which were going out the door at 900-1000G each, were getting undercut to about 400-500G each. Silly Jessica lady-who-sells-Inks-for-pratically-nothing. I’ve decided to just keep making them when I can, and post up the completed Decks on the Auction House, since they seem to be holding their value.

With some of my gains, I purchased an 8-piece PVP crafted caster set, for 600G all up, his mats (a bargain, I believe). It’s funny, but since getting these, I haven’t been in a Battleground (lol). This week, though, I’ll put it to the test. I lose alot of Spellpower, but get a fair bit of resilience, so I will be trying out the PVP spec (0/37/34) that’s been floating around the Druid forums with this gear, and see how I go.

I also was able to purchase a [Titansteel Guardian], which looks SO COOL! I put a +50 spellpower enchant on it, because a) the +63 was too expensive (1100G vs 150G) and b) the +spirit one no-one admitted to having available for me to buy. It’s freaking sweet, and I had just the book to pair with it …

[Faces of Doom] I have been keeping an eye on this on the AH, and haven’t seen anything significant to say ‘sell it!’. One guy has had one up for 2 weeks now, starting at 1100G and now he’s got it at 999G buyout. I’ve tried flogging it on /trade for 950G, but have had no takers, so when I was able to pick up the Guardian for a total cost to me of 800G, I thought ‘stuff it, I’ll use it’.

I have made a bank alt just for my glyphs, and with an initial investment of 10G, she has so far made 700G just by selling off glyphs that Auctioneer hasn’t seen up there in great quantities. Some of them are only going for 70 Silver, but there are some that have sold quickly for 50G, and when I go to search for them, there are none, so BAM! she posts 3 at a time, for 5G higher than last time. Sometimes I get beaten at my own game, and people post just after me with a 5-10G undercut, but it works often enough to make it worthwhile.

The herb market is flooded at the moment, so I’m stockpiling my herbs and using just enough to be able to craft Cards and glyphs as needed. I have a large stockpile of Ink of the Sea’s from before the patch, so one of my bankers is stashing all my Icethorn and Lichbloom for when I get low. Frost Lotus’ are the only thing that I’m able to sell, and because I have so many (started out selling with 140 of them), I can undercut by a substantial amount and put them up in stacks of 5 (generally around the 35G mark). While yes, I could be making more off them, if I put my prices up to the 50G or so that everyone else has, they won’t sell as reliably. Sure, some people might be buying them to sell at 50G, and making a 15G profit or thereabouts, but to me, having a guaranteed 35G in my pocket, versus an iffy 50G, wins out everytime. Maybe the herb market will change, who knows. I just /kiss my Auctioneer mod and keep an eye on things.