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Not that there’s a great deal of people who read this, but just wanted to let you know that there have been some Real Life things happen over the past few months that are going to mean no freedom for Shasmo’s RL avatar at all. Thanks for reading, and maybe one day I will be back. I’ll leave things up in case people want a laugh/titter/vomit.


This is not a new idea by any means, but I put it into practice over the weekend and OMG! Whilst incredibly boring, I now can get a decent head-start on a new server with a new character. Money-wise.

How? It’s all thanks to Death Knights.

The trick is to make a bank alt and send it somewhere that there’s a mailbox. Anywhere will do, I made a troll alt and ran it out the back of the Valley of Trials and went to Booty Bay, but I could have stayed in Ratchet to do this.

Next step is to make a Death Knight. Go through all the questline up until meeting your faction leader and gaining the forgiveness of your faction. By this time you should have between 25-30 Gold. Sell your armour, everything you have, and mail it to this alt. Log out, delete the Death Knight, and either go onto your bank alt and collect the money, or go straight into making another Death Knight to do it all over again.

Now, when I said it’s boring, I meant UTTERLY BORING. I did the same quest lines about fifty times over the weekend, and the only thing I have to show for it is a bank alt on a new server who has a little over 1200 Gold to her name.

Now, you may argue that for a level 80, getting 1200G over a weekend is easy-peasy-lemon-squeasie, but I’m thinking about starting on a new server, and having a low level character who I want to gear up. One weekend’s worth of work and I could afford to make a twink without any higher-level character on that server. Not that I would make a twink, because I don’t like meeting up with them in PvP, but the option is there. Being able to level engineering and enchanting on the one character as they level will put a serious drain on these funds, but it’s doable.

If you are thinking about trying this, I have a tip for you: make your throwaway Death Knights have the same name. That way, you can get your addons set up how you like them the first time, and when you delete the Death Knight and make him/her again with the same name, the addons will already be configured. Makes things slightly quicker if you, like me, dislike the default UI over your custom one.

Oh yes. It happened. To Me.

A friend of mine has started a warlock in alternate universe where he is a Horde Warlock, a Blood Elf to be exact (yay for choosing an elf!). This universe is one where Horde and Alliance can fight nearly all the time, without having the restrictions that we do in this universe.

I wanted to play with my friend, so I began a Tauren Death Knight over there. Tauren because I totally love them, and a Death Knight because they are cool and I can help protect my friend until he is big enough to take care of himself.

I decided to try and make some money (thanks to the Greedy Goblin!) and so I made a little troll shaman, and ran him over the ‘Hidden path’, through the coastline to Ratchet, where he stood waiting for a boat to Booty Bay. He hopped on and went for a sail.

I have since found out that my troll shaman does not like the open seas, like me. *shudder*

He made it to Booty Bay in one piece, though, and ran to the Auction guy, who stands on some crates near the bank. Amidst the auctioneer’s shouts, he did a scan of the current auctions, and saw that yes, there looks to be not that many prarie dogs for sale to the Alliance. While he was standing there contemplating this, a draenie came up to him, with a red tag over his head. He /point-ed, /laugh-ed then poked my troll shaman in the face with his dagger, which caused my trolls head to blow up. The goblins took offense at this, but the draenie was able to escape their wrath, and he was waiting there when my troll got back inside his body.

Six. Times.

At least I got the scan out of the way 😛

Welcome to PvP!

Ever since BC Raiding, there has been a website that people refer to constantly. Questions like ‘Am I ready for Kara’ or ‘What enchant should I get?’ have been met with the same response (and depending on how many times the person has asked the same question, with the same expletives). That site?

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, somewhere, from someone. This is the site that (when it isn’t banned from the Armory) trawls through your Armory page, casting it’s ever-judgmental eye over your talent spec and gear. This is the site that will display to you exactly what it doesn’t like about your character, although it does give some options on how to get into it’s good graces.

I have never, on any of my characters, been able to satisfy it.

Until now:

A little bit of enchant gloves here, and a little big of Wisdom-to-Cloak-style action there and presto! It likes me!

I feel … justified now. If someone asks me if I can heal something, I can now say ‘of course! wait … where?’ 😛

Of course, I have had no problems healing anything lately (although I always seem to die on the snake boss in Heroic Gundrak), and I have been pretty confident in healing OS with the guild, but now one of the popular stat-sites is there, getting my back.

And I also feel broke, lol. The mats for Wisdom alone took the money I had in my bags, and now I have only the gold on my bank alt to get me by. *sigh* 😛

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If you don’t already read the thoughts and wackiness from le Temerity Jane, I suggest you go there now. Read this. Prepare to laugh, because I did, and now I’m in trouble for looking at blogs while at work.

Well worth it, imo.